Welcome to our new blog!

Hi guys! As you may have noticed, FemmeFatale has been updating less recently over the past few weeks/months. That is because both Max and I have a real life and we were/are still very busy at times. Keeping a website running is lots of work especially if you don't have time to do skinning anymore >_> As we don't want to close FemmeFatale forever, we're opening this blog as the new FEMME FATALE where you can still find some new clothing and stuff from time to time. we know that Sims3 is on the run, but still neither of us is creating CC for the sims3, so please don't ask us to ^^ well anyways, here you can find the last two updates for a start :)

we'll upload the winter sale as well soon, any older files are lost I'm afraid :(


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the second link leads to your private log in page. There is no link for the second set.

Vero & Max said...

oh thank you, I'll fix the link!

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