Terms of Use

FemmeFatale is a Sims2-website,we dont create any custom content for the sims3. Meshes are not made by us but they are always included. Please do not upload our custom content on your website, that would be quite rude. You can always recolor custom content for your own use or even upload clothes by us with your sim as long as you credit us!

Who runs this site?

Since the opening of this site 2 years ago we, Vero and Max, worked together updating you with custom content. We love fashion and for us the game is a great possibility to play around with it and share our ideas with you. All our layouts, previews and downloads (except for the meshes) are made on our own and we hope you enjoy them. Since we are both busy students now we cannot always promise to update you regularly and we hope you understand that.

How can I get in touch with the FemmeFatale-team?

We are always intersted in collabrations, suggestions or sharing links. So if you have a special idea for this website, want to suprise us with a picture of your sim wearing our clothes or you want to exchange links, please write us an e-mail. Our adress is:

If you want to get to know more about us you can always visit our flickr-pages or
chat with us at simmuse. You can find both links in the link-area of this blog.

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