Vero and I decided to change the look of FemmeFatale a bit. Actually we wanted to do that a few weeks ago already but we never had the time to start working on a layout. But since all my examens are over I managed to code this layout. We hope you enjoy it.If there are any problems with it please inform me, so I can change it as soon as possible.

With the new style there are also some changes:

  • We have a new chatbox. You can use it just to say "hi", make suggestions, or to inform us
  • There are new sites added to the link-list which you should def. visit
  • Also, you can now simply scroll down and see all old updates (till I fixxed this problem)

And now some news which will interest you even more n_n It´s update-time!

This time we have three new outfits (two skinned by Vero and one by me) and an eyeset which includes three different shades. The eyes are based on an old set by mousyblue.

[click on the image for a bigger preview]


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