Orange Coloured Sky

We can now finally present you one of our biggest "suprises".
The last few weeks Vero and I planned a new layout because we got quiet bored of the clean, spring layout. In the beginning we wanted to make a bright, neon summer layout but because the weather right now reminds us more of autumn we decided to create something more warm, yet summery. We hope you like it.

The changes are quiet obvious, atleast that is what we think.
Besides the warm colours and the new header, made by Vero, we created a much smaller navbar which scrolls with you (cool, isnt it?) and we also activated the comment-function again, because it is a much easier way to communicate with you.
Sadly, we couldnt integrate the chatbox in this layout but we have finally an official email-adress with which you can contact us. Also, all the old posts are still there, but instead of the endless scrolling function we now have 3 posts per page.

Hope you like it! We would love to hear your comments.


TacozMonkey said...

Wow, I love the new look! It really surprised me! xD

Ronnie and Max said...

well, we love to suprise our visitors :D

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