Wow, thankyou all so much for the support. I was actually suprised by all the comments we got for our last update and the new lay-out. Vero is still not back but as I told you I am going to upload a small update so the wait for a "real" update won´t be that long. The update today includes an outfit inspired by Jil Sander, some colorful Sunglasses and a necklace. Actually I created those things only for my private use but I thought I should share them with you. The problem is that I am not totally sure what the outfits actual mesh is, thats why I included some various meshes (I am so sorry) and hope that the outfit works for you! If not please message me or try and help me pointing out which the right mesh is. Thank you!

[ click on the images for a bigger preview ]

As you can see I also downloaded a new posebox, I hope you like it. I am thinking about changing the poses from time to time, so the previews do not always look the same.

Hope you enjoy the update, have some nice days and don´t forget to post a comment or submit a photo to our flickr-group.


Mohnstrudel said...

Hy, you can find the Mesh, if you pack a Sim wearing the Outfit to a Sims2-package and open it with the Sims2Pack Clean Installer. It will show you all Costum Content.
Anyway, your new update is great, especially the necklace.

Kotangens said...

Max, this update is truly lovely ^ ^ Thank you so much!

Btw I know some people don't like to have extra-meshes, which takes a lot of space.
So here's my little tutorial about finding meshes (doesn't work with accessories, though).

1. Create a sim, which has no CC at all, dress him up in cloth which mesh you want to find.
2. Extract this sim from Bodyshop.
3. Open it up with Sims2PackCleanInstaller.
You will see three files - sim, cloth's texture and the mesh.
4. Tick the mesh only, press "Install", then un-tick "Default installation", go to "Select installation folder" and "Browse". In the end just choose the place where the mesh will appear.

Hope it will help you :)

Cristina said...

Another beautiful update! The necklace is my favorite :D Also, just wondering, WCIF the hair?

Ronnie and Max said...

Thankyou! I will try those tips and might re-upload the file if it works, so it is a bit smaller.
Christina, the hair is from peggyzone, its an old hairstyle so it might take some time to find it in the pay-section there.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful work!I love the accessories so much!!!Thanks for all

Mz5star said...

OMG...I LOve your clothes and you guys sunglasses are firece because of you my simmies are true fashionistas.Please keep it up =)

Mz5star said...

I also wanted to know if you can make some stevie boi sunglasses and you probably never heard of them but there super firece..lots of celebrities wear them like lady gaga loves them =D he is the designer of alot of sunglasses she wears... including her glasses on her Fame album!=) anyway here's the website http://www.stevieboi.com and here's the link to check out his glasses up close http://services.mercantec.com/Merchant/?m=13570&p1=145920 If you can do this I would greatly appreciate it and it don't have to be that particular one that I linked any of them made by him I would love.Check it out Thanks for your time.

Ronnie and Max said...

Awww thanks! Mz5star, we cannot promise anything but Max is gonna have a look at the links you shared and maybe there will be some gaga-accesoires.

Mz5star said...

Okay Cool..Thanks for taking the time to respond.you guys rock =)

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