They call me Femme Fatale

Hello fellow simmers! 

Femme Fatale is back with a new spring/summer layout and some goodies! The lovely Ildar (Kotangens) from Hypnotizedsims made us these amazing previews of our new collection! We love you Ildar <3 <3 

Also (as you may have noticed) we added our new theme song, called "Femme Fatale" by sky ferreira

So I hope you enjoy the update, it comes with six clothes for your AF, featuring mostly leather and jeans content. Have a nice weekend, 

love, Ronnie

(click to enlarge images)


Julia said...

I've been waiting so long for this.
Thank you, it's really nice.

LaurenKett said...

These are amazing! I think, you really should create for sims 3. :)

simsinspring. said...

i know you and hypnotized playjust sims 2 but seriously guys! you are like ilikemusi640 (t$r) but better cause you dont are pay :P and i mean you guys make magic with the clothes and accesories, really never going to create for sims 3? plus i like the theme song :3
please answer.. hugs :D

Ronnie and Max said...

Thank you for your comments! Glad you like the outfits! Unfortunately neither Max nor I own Sims3, so we can't create any Sims3 content. Plus, it's a whole different system than that of Sims2 :/

But I hope the Sims2 community will be alive for a long time ;)

FLOTTEUR said...

Thank you so much !!!Gorgeous clothing

Puccamichi said...

i love it!! thank you so much for sharing!

bs4pa said...

I can write it million times!
this update is definitely your best work!
you guys are incredible in making clothes!
thanks a lot for sharing
an of course Kotangens' previews are just briliant. it is a great collaboration))

Klaus* said...

Beautiful, i love it, thank you for sharing!

LaVanilla said...

Wow outfit with yellow skirt is great!

LaVanilla said...

great shoes

Anonymous said...

Absolutly AMAZING!!! you rock! xx

Anonymous said...

They are so gorgeous!! Thank you so much for this. It's really refreshing to have someone still creating amazing stuff for sims 2. Thank you for sharing! ♥

Flotieu said...

omg in love with the black dresses!
everything is beautiful!

Peeps said...

Beautiful clothes, but box says your out of bandwidth. :(

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