Tr@sHion Cont€st

yes, for real....
we proudly present you our first trashion (fashion + trash = trashion) contest!

-submit a photo of your sim wearing some groovy fashion
-this contest is sims2-only

-the outfit must include at least one piece by femmefatale
-be creative, decorate the sims environment, make them look like real trashionistas
-a funny line below the pic might rise your chance of winning

How to participate?
-upload your picture to flickr, tumblr
-tag the photo with the following: itsfemmefatale
-for people who aren't active on any of those networks, 
simply post a link to your pictures in the comment section of this post
-the deadline of this contest depends on your participation, we will announce it later

The Prizes
-some uber-cool-trash which only you will own, AMAZING, right?
-the number of winners and prizes and winners isn't announced yet, we will decide that depending on your participation

for inspiration: google the 90s, the spice girls, bonnie strange, jeremy scott, etc,
or have a look at our special inspiration-mood-board: here

good luck, we cannot wait to see your entries!


Anonymous said...

Oh cool. I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

Having a hard time understanding tumblr and gmail. Here is a link to my journal with my entry pic. Thanx guys. http://augustlucian.livejournal.com/1834.html

Ronnie and Max said...

@anon: cannot wait to see the entry
@augustlucian: no problemo, thankyou for the beautiful entry :)

JMSims said...

Here is my entry, http://tinypic.com/r/35iyxi9/6. I'm sorry I don't have any accounts here. I also don't know how to upload a picture, so I think this one's right... :)))


JMSims24 said...

Hi, It's JMSims24, I posted the picture above. I forgot to credit Perichiel for her sims. Thanks! I hope you like my entry. (Sorry for double-posting, I just have to credit Perichiel.)


Ronnie and Max said...

ok, thanks for the lovely entry! :)

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