Ok so obviously there's something really odd going on with the meshes I was using.
So I decided to look for a new "perfect" mesh and indeed I found it!

The new "FemmeFatale" Mesh is a seperate version of my favourite LaVanilla/Modainside mesh and is made by Martini.

The mesh was a little bit messy so I asked on GoS to fix it. Luckily, Oeselian was so kind to fix it, so I have a perfect new mesh. I can't thank them enough!!

 Here's the thread! (with a little gift)

So now I'm working on releasing some of our bottoms which were using this old mesh. Here's the first lot:

Stay tuned!
xxx Ronnie

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Julie said...

FAN-TAS-TIC! I love it! We miss you so much <3

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