Candy Perfume Girl

Hello everybody!
Just a quick post to give you a bit information about what is going on with this blog.

  • As you may have noticed *cough* we had some problems with our download-links. Vero fixed most of them and we hope that they work for you now. Do not hesitate to leave a comment when a specific download does not work and we will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible!
  • We have a new summer layout with matching music, yay!
  • You should also check out Veros very own Simblr-blog. She has some exclusive downloads including the first "femmefatale"-furniture piece! 
  • and I guess now the most important news for you. There will be an update really soon. We skinned a bunch of outfits and just need to finish some stuff and take the previews, so there should be a new post in the coming days.
thats it! hope you enjoy the lovely weather as much as we do.

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