Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Yes, our titles are getting more and more creative >_<
I feel like I am repeating myself with every update-post, but still I want to say thankyou for the nice comments without all the support I think FemmeFatale would not be the same and we would not have as much fun running the site as we do now.

This update we put much effort in the clothes and especially in details. Shoes are, atleast for my taste, the most difficult part of the skinning. Since Vero does enjoy working on them she made some outfits with beautiful shoes for this update and therewith aroused my ambition. So there are four new outfits (two by Vero and two by me) with some really pretty shoes, we hope you enjoy them! ^_^

[click on the images for a bigger preview]

Have fun with the clothes and if you take some pictures with your sims wearing them, dont forget
to upload them to our flickr group. There will be soon a new outfit and some other suprises, so be curious of what is coming next.

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