Putting out fire

Hello guys! We hope you are all doing good, this time Vero and I have a massive update for you.
It includes the following:
  • 3 new outfits, the left dress is for adult female and teen female
  • an exotic necklace in 3 neon colors
  • a pair of jeremy scott sunglasses
  • lindsey-wixon-inspired lipstick in 6 vibrant shades
  • a black denim jacket (accesoires, so you can combine it with anything)

[click on the images for a bigger preview]

We hope you enjoy the update and suprisingly we would be happy to hear your feedback (thankyous or even suggestions for further updates)  in the commentbox or at our flickr. Thankyou! 

1 comment:

Tripped Burlesque TheMuseSway said...

Nice clothes, nice lipstick. ^_^

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