Teen? Teen!

Hey guys,
Lexys wish is our command! So this time we have a very special update for you. Teenstuff!
What I learned during skinning my outfits for the update is that there aren´t that many good meshes for teens out there and that my sims as teens look very, very weird.

Anyways, the update includes four outfits (the purple glitter dress is both casual and eveningwear) for your teensims. We do not plan to convert these outfits for adults but if you want to, you can do it for private use of course.

[click on the image for a bigger preview]

Thankyou also for the comments in our box! We always enjoy looking at your lovely messages and really care about your opinion.
Oh, before I forget it. I also added a new site to our link-list which you should check out!

Have a great week

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I Love these! Especially the one with the pink shorts!(:

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