...and the winner is

So, now the time has come and we will finally announce the winner of our one-shot contest.

We had so much fun seeing all your interpretations of what trashion means to you and we hope that you also had fun making those pictures! Since everyone submitted such great pictures we decided that everyone will win an exclusive accessories item which we will send you with a private message.

Congratulations to everyone, you really deserved this!

Allthough it was so difficult to pick a single picture to win this contest, we have made a decision 

*dramatic tyra banks pause*

the winner will receive a little package including a new exclusive outfit + hat, which only he will own and moreover some exclusive recolors of older updates i have never shared before! i hope you will have fun with the stuff.

thanks again to everyone who participated and we would also love to get some feedback. do you want us to do something like this again? any suggestions or further advices?

xoxo ronnie and max

EDIT: to the people who submitted an entry and don't have an ask box on tumblr or submitted the entry on the blog, contact us via email: info_its_femmefatale@gmx.de


Lili said...

Congratulations, Nymphy!!

Kudos to the other contestants too!
I had a lot of fun taking my pictures, so thanks to femme fatale too for the contest ;)

Nymphy said...

I'm so flattered to have won! :D Thanks Lili

XiiXii said...

Congratulations! I'm happy for you! You had nice picture! (: And it would be nice if you do something like this again!

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