Lets blast off to a new Dimension

Hey guys!
I hope you´re all doing good?! Since its Halloween today (one of my favorite holidays, I mean horror movies all day and dressing up?! it couldn´t get any cooler), we decided to upload this very special update for you. As you may have recognized while looking at the previews, we haven´t uploaded normal outfits this time. All items are this time based on looks Lady Gaga was spotted wearing! Crazy, right? The Gaga-set includes 5 outfits, accessoires and some make-up.

A special thankyou to Keoni, who converted the lobster-headpiece for us! :3

We hope you enjoy the set as much as we do!  Happy Halloween!
(and yes, I just HAD TO change the blogs song for a while...a Gaga-update needs some Gaga-music)


Kotangens said...

Where the hell are the comments??? This set is freakin GORGEOUS! Love every singe detail and every piece of this set!♥
And miss you guys so much! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

You should label what each file is.. I downloaded it but didn't take anything because nothing is labeled and I don't want any of the accessories..I just want the clothes..

Winterayne said...

Love it! Thank you so much, i'm dropping this in my game right now, thank you for making my game slower :p The accessory is awesome, look amazing in game!

Forko Fried said...

They are gorgeous creations you have here, but I agree with anonymous. It's common simming courtesy to properly label your downloads.

morpho portis said...

I downloaded a lot! Thanks for the hard work, your stuff is amazing! <3

Fan Milly said...

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