Boom goes the Dynamite

Hola friends! Today I have some nice stuff for you guys. 

3 croptops on HystericalParoxysm's mesh
1 pair of jeans with super stylish booties (mesh by Martini/LaVanilla)
1 overall on MissTiikeris mesh
1 swimsuit that can also be worn as a top
1 midiskirt with Pixicat heels

Meshes are all included.





Anonymous said...

The download link isn't working :(
sorry for being anonymous, I don't have an account here..

Ronnie and Max said...

That's weird! It works fine for me ... I'll upload another version for you :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you

izabelaaa2807 said...

fabolous, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love the dip dyed hair, where did you get it?

Ronnie and Max said...

thanks guys!! @anon: I recoloured the hair myself, but it's not available for download, I'm sorry. Maybe you can find similar dyed hair at the garden of shadows forum :)

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