Ein Hoch auf Uns

Hi Simmers! Did I ever give you a huge massive thank you for still being so active in the Sims2 community and enjoying the CC?? I think I haven't. It's awesome how many people still play (just as I do) for so many years now. I'm not really looking forward to TS4, mostly because I think it will be a massive let down.
I think I'm just going to continue playing good old Sims2 ;)

Aaaanyway, this time we have some cool stuff for you guys!

1 mesh sweater (mesh by Simal)
1 croptop with a cross detail (mesh by Simal)
1 shape up skirt (mesh by Martini)
2 printleggings with Dr Martens boots (mesh by Cynnix)
1 outfit with a stripe crop, a jeans skirt and platform sneakers (mesh by animera@MTS)
2 galaxy print swimsuits (no mesh needed)


Giugix said...

Hi! Your CC is amazing I've been a fan for a while and you never dissapoint me when it's time to come up with something new. With that said I want to ask, where you download your fantastic hair colection? I've been searching for the hairs in Vintage Sweater Weather and I couldn't find it! Would you mind telling me where i can find those hairs? Thank you :D

izabelaaa2807 said...

My sims looks so cool with ur clothes. I am almost 22 but still enjoy playing s2 :D thank you so much!

izabelaaa2807 said...

I wonder if it's to possible for u to make those fabolous clothes for teenagers??

Ronnie and Max said...

Hi guys! Thank you all so much for your kind comments <3

@Guigix: I made the hairs myself, so no wonder you couldn't find them :D Maybe I'll upload some of them :3

@izabella: haha thanks! I'm 23 myself :P Which ones specifically would you like for teens? Like name some and I can convert them for you? :)

izabelaaa2807 said...

Well, the list would be so long, cause FF style is so close to mine..

I especially dream for clothes for teenagers from posts: 6/28/2014, 6/04/2014, 5/11/2014, 8/25/2013, 8/04/2013 and 5/05/2013.

I don't have an idea about creating stuff or converting that for teenagers and I don't have a clue if it's time-consuming, so if that's a problem please pick some of the newest clothes.

Thank you for your proposition, that's so nice from your side. FF is my favourite TS2 blog, greetings from Poland and one more time - thanks for creating such a cool stuff! :)

Ronnie and Max said...

awww thank you, that's so kind! I'm so glad you enjoy our cc :3

I can convert some stuff for teens, the shoes however I will be most likely not able to convert them, because there's no meshes :/ but the clothes I can convert for you! :)

izabelaaa2807 said...

thank you so much!

izabelaaa2807 said...

when I can expect those stuff fot teens?

Ronnie and Max said...

I'm working on it, but it will take a while ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm playing in The Sims 2 too. I love your blog and dowloads <3

Daren TM said...

Wow, i LOVE the swimsuit! Anyways, I always like and download your creations. I think that they are adorable.

Katthy Cobble said...

The Sims 2 is best! :D
You're a perfect creator, I love your stuff<3

Andrioni Brianna said...

You are right I am playng sims 2 now because I dont like the sims 4 and I looovveeee your creatioons!!!!!

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