Missing meshes

Hello dear simmers,

since for some people our newest clothing, especially the bottoms, won't show up ingame, I post a download link for the correct mesh here, since there's been some confusion.

All credits go to Bloom/Marvine for the mesh, thank you so much!


Sometimes, the clothing will still appear as Maxis clothing, but once you have the correct mesh, when you click on the bottom, it should appear properly.

I'm very sorry about the inconveniences!  Please report, if the bottoms are working!

Also, here's the correct mesh for the TOPS (if they don't show up on your game)

All credit goes to MTS/Kalynn for the mesh, thaaaank you!


Again, really sorry for troubling you! <3>


Ronnie and Max said...

no problemo

Anonymous said...

how the song is called?

Anonymous said...

I can't download the meshes... It says "The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth."?

Ronnie and Max said...

Ohhh I'm really sorry guys! Try again on the first of April, it will work again then :)

@anon: The song is 212 by Azealia Banks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the title! I love this song! And what was the name of the previous song on this page?

Belle said...

I've downloaded the 2 meshes, but I still can't use some of the bottoms and shirts. They appear as Maxis clothing... What do I do? I'll die if I can't have all of your fab clothing!(╥_╥)

Ronnie and Max said...

Hello Belle,

I've found out that you need the master mesh for the bottoms as well, which is found here: http://www.modthesims.info/d/127591

I've also updates the mesh for the tops, so it's probably easiest for you to redownload the whole file. I'm so sorry!

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded all the meshes you've said are needed but all of your leggings are still shown as maxis clothing for me... I want them in my game so bad!!!

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