No Mercy

EDIT:  The mesh for the skirt is for some reason still not working. I reckon it is a slave mesh and therefore I have included the (hopefully) master mesh in the download file. It is by Marvine @MTS and found here. If you have downloaded this file before, you'll need to either download it again or download the mesh directly from MTS. Sorry! 

Also, the top mesh was missing in this file, too, download is here

hello my dear friends,

happy late easter everyone! First of all, thank you for all your submissions to the TRASHION CONTEST! Keep them coming! The winner will be decided soon :) 

This time we have these lovely things for you: 

- 2 tops
- 1 skirt
- 1 dress
- 1 accessory coat
- a lipstick set

I really hope I've included all the correct meshes this time! Sometimes it's hard to define the original mesh :/ 

But as always, thanks to the mesh creators! Included are meshes by trapping, Kalynn @mts, Bloom/Marvine and bunhead, thanks! 


alt download

we hope you enjoy the CC, leave a comment :)


Anonymous said...

loving the black dress!thank you a lot

nidiarj said...

It's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Always happy to see new stuff from you guys, thank you!

tomeka1978 said...


SimGutz said...

Amazing work as always. The dress is adorable and the plastic/shiny effect of the pink skirt is absolutely amazing. I'll be using a number of things in game a.s.a.p! :3

Ronnie and Max said...

thank you guys :)!

Unknown said...

I always absolutely adore your work; they're some of my most-used pieces in my game! Thank you ;3

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
The pink skirt doesn't show for me in bodyshop (it shows up as the default jeans). It might be a conflict with some of my other CC though, unless someone else experiences the same thing.

No problem with the rest ;)

Ronnie and Max said...

argh I'm sorry, something is up with that mesh! It must be a slave mesh then. I'll update the link with the missing master mesh simili! Thanks for reporting <3

Anonymous said...

It says The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth. when i try download it . But the clothes and everything is just so pretty D: help pretty please xx

Isabelle said...

hello. i really love the hairs that you have. is there anywhere that i can get them. i adore them.

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