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I already feel like I have written this a thousand times at this blog but we are so sorry we havent updated you before. Lives are hectic and I think we do not have to explain it more to you. Instead of boring you we have a brand new update for you. 4 new Outfits, all are everyday wear. The coat is also categorized as outerwear, we hope you have fun with those downloads.


[click on the image for a bigger preview]


What else? Well for those who requested our models: We thought the best solution would be sending them to you via e-mail because on the one hand there was not such a high interest (so far) and we also do not want to share them with everybody yet. Maybe someday we might make some models just for you as a download but that really depends on youre interest.

Also, we are already working on our next update. Vero and I have both finished a makeup-set and I am also working on a hair-set with unnatural recolours (you can see a small preview in the download-picture). We try our best to finish this update soon, but we cannot promise anything. Moreover, I also might make some sunglasses, including the lady gaga sunglasses that were requested, or lets say I will try atleast my best to make them.

And finally we would like the present you our new partner-site: Coolsims ! The site offers great hair-sets which we also often use and we really recommened you to take a look at it.


Cristina said...

These look really adorable, but there are only three clothing files/meshes in the download?

Ronnie and Max said...

Which one is missing Cristina?

Ronnie and Max said...

Nevermind, I just reuploaded the whole set and now all outfits should be included!

Tripped Burlesque TheMuseSway said...

Wow Love your dresses. <3 I love the models hair as well.

Anonymous said...

Woow! They're all great :) Btw, where can I find the second models' hair? It looks really beautiful.

Karine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karine said...

Super nice outfits, thank you for sharing.
I'm in love with the first shoes.
I would love to have Leyla in my game n_n
if you guys, can share this model with me.
I promise I'll use her in my game only.
And never take her as my own creation.
my e-mail is karine.rodriguez@hotmail.com
I'll always be thankful to you, guys.

Ronnie and Max said...

@anonymous: the hair is from http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Xandher/downloads/details/category/sims2-sets-hair/title/starlet-hair-collection/id/722692/
but I made a recolour of it for my private use
@karine: You have a new e-mail n_n

Karine said...

ooh my gosh, thank you!
I can't believe it n_n
I replied your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing. You guys are probably my favorite custom content creators ever since you are able to actually make fucking fashionable clothing for my sims. Keep up the amazing work!

Cindy Sim said...

Aww, I love it! Amazing outfits. The pink-black-grey one is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

i love the stuff you make u dont make stuff for sims 3?

Ronnie and Max said...

thankyou so much! but sorry anon, we dont create any custom content for the sims3

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